Importance of Asexual Pride Flag

Asexuality was always to some other groups prior to the Asexual Pride Flag. The actual need for a flag was born with a desire to have their own emblem or symbol which represents them. Before Asexual flag, people use symbols like a half-filled heart or AVEN triangle to represent asexuals. But none of those symbols really represented them they were invisible in a wider arena. For instance, AVEN triangle is just a logo of a website and majority of the asexuals were not affiliated to that website. Coming to the half-filled heart, it symbolises romance and naturally aromantics were favourable using it.

'A' in the word Asexual mean Aro, which is used to describe the people who do not experience a sexual attraction to any gender, sex or anything. Though they can engage in normal romantic relationships, they lack the desire for sexual relation or they don't get physically attracted. In simple terms, Asexual people do not feel sexual attraction towards any gender.

As per the records in Asexuality Archive, the asexuality flag was designed by a member of AVEN (Asexuality Visibility and Education Network) for the contest in 2010. The new asexual pride flag design eliminates all the unnecessary connotations like half-heart or a triangle. It is nowhere tied up with any national affiliation and the best part is it fits well among all the pride flags with its meaningful striped design.

As like any other pride flag, there is a specific meaning for the colours in Asexuality flag.

Asexual Pride Flag


  • The black stripe symbolizes the asexuality.
  • The grey stripe stands for demisexuality or grey-asexuality.
  • The white represents allies or non-sexual partners.
  • The purple represents asexuality group as a whole.

Pride season is a period of the year where the LGBT community expresses their existence and celebrate exuberantly and vibrantly. On the occasion of Pride Season, the communities come together celebrating the diversity of their gender identities and sexualities existing within the community and flags representing different sexualities are flown and waved. Though asexuality flag is not as popular as the Gay Pride Rainbow flag, it is gaining an immense exposure from the last couple of years. A number of asexuality flags are seen during the recent Pride seasons. The asexual community feels a strong connection with the flag and it appears wonderfully bright amidst all the flags during Pride celebrations.

Irrespective of our gender orientation, we all must feel great as we are in the times where LGBTQ+ people are permitted to come out and express their pride about their identities. Even the lesser-known groups like asexuals are coming forward to declare their existence and visibility. Of course, the marketing teams are geared up for sales and advertising and identified these groups as potential targets. We see numerous campaigns during the Pride month. However, last few decades is certainly the golden period as never on this planet the humanity has seen such a strong sense of inclusiveness. At, we believe that every human being must be proud of who they are!


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