Importance of Bisexual Pride Flag

Here's the Bisexual Pride flag in its full glory. Each individual has a right to be himself or herself irrespective of their sexuality and gender. The vibrant and beautiful colors of the bisexual pride flag represent the true feelings and pride of the bisexual people. Michael Page, a Florida based bisexual activist designed the bisexual pride flag in order to present the bisexual community with its unique symbol.  Page found that bisexual people feel no emotional connection to the gay pride flag or the rainbow pride flag and he felt motivated to create a flag that represents the bi people. His main objective was to create an identity for the bisexuals within the LGBT community as well as the whole society. Page unveiled the bisexual pride flag for the first time during the BiCafe's (website) first anniversary party in December 1998.  Since then, the bisexual pride flag has become recognized worldwide as a symbol of the bisexual movement. It gave the bisexual people the strength and a sense of pride. Michael Page is the creator of which was a forum website for bisexual people.

Bisexual Pride Flag

The pink colored stripe at the top of the Bisexual Pride Flag represents sexual attraction to the same sex i.e gay and lesbian. The blue colored stripe at the bottom of the represents the sexual attraction between the opposite genders i.e straight. These two colors overlap and form a purple color which is the middle stripe and it represents the sexual attraction for the two sexes. The first stripe pink occupies 40% of the total width of the flag. The second stripe purple takes 20% and the third stripe which is blue color occupies 40% of the width.


Page took the inspiration from the bisexual symbol for creating this flag. According to Page, the symbolism of the flag communicates that the purple color blends unnoticeably and seamlessly with both blue and pink colors. It means that bisexual people blend and mingle unnoticeably into the straight and gay/lesbian communities.


This stunning flag is almost 20 years old now. Though the symbolism of the flag is pretty simple, it quite effectively represents the pride of the bisexual community. It has gained popularity over the last few years and has become a prominent symbol for the bi people.  The bi pride flag acted as a tool of mass visibility for the bisexual community. Though it is not as effective as the iconic rainbow flag, it has done one great thing, it has become something the bisexual community could rally behind and demand visibility and equality.


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