Importance of Demisexual Pride Flag

We see rainbow flags in every hook and corner during the Pride Month. But it is really important to get the attention and support for all the other extra sections of people in the LGBT community. Demisexuals are often misunderstood or neglected. We don't see them much even during the Pride Month where gender and sexual acceptance is celebrated.

Demisexual People can only feel the sexual attraction only when there is a deep emotional connection formed. It doesn't mean that Demisexuals are highly picky when it comes to their sex life. They just feel sexual attraction towards anyone. They can only get attracted when there is an emotional bond. That's the reason why Demisexuals are often aligned with Asexuals (people who do not feel sexual attraction at all)

In simpler terms, Demisexual people do not identify themselves with things like casual sex. They show no interest in casual sex. Instead, they feel it is necessary to know the person on a deeper plane before having sex with them. It seems like a pretty novel idea in this era, where people just fall into bed after a conversation or messages on their smartphone.

The Asexual Pride Flag and Demisexual Pride Flag looks almost the same. A black triangle in demisexual flag distinguishes it from the asexual flag.

The asexual flag has the even horizontal stripes of black color, grey color, white and purple colors.

The demisexual flag has a thick white horizontal stripe on the top. The bottom stripe has a thick grey color and the middle stripe has a thin purple line. It also has a black triangle popping out from the left side.

Let's see the what the colors in Demisexual Pride Flag represent.

Demisexual Pride Flag

Purple stripe represents a community.

White stripe represents sexuality.

Gray stripe represents grey sexuality

Black triangle stands for asexuality.

According to Demisexual Resource Centre, most of the demisexuals are sexually attracted to the only a handful of persons in their lifetime. Majority of the demisexuals may not be interested in sex and so they have lots of things in common with the asexuals. Demisexuality exists differently in different people and there are a wide variety of reasons for that. One of the most probable reasons is emotional bonding is different for different people. Demisexuals have gained some visibility through some of the proposed asexual flags. But demisexuals do not lack a libido like the asexuals. Demisexuals expect emotion and trustworthiness from their partners. As the demisexual people want to people at a deeper intimate level, most of their relationships take off as friendships. It is definitely helpful to have a pressure-free relationship with a person and to know them well before entering into a sexual life with them.

The demisexual flag has gained some popularity in the last few years. The flag has provided the demisexual people with the much needed visibility. It is seen in the rights protests and the occasions like Pride Month, together with all the LGBT +s Pride flags.

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