Importance of Genderfluid Pride Flag


Genderfluid is applicable to the people with a fluctuating or flexible gender identity Persons who do not identify as strictly male or strictly female, they fall into the sub-group of genderqueerness. But, they have a flag of their own as they are distinctive. There are 5 stripes on genderfluid pride flag.  Here are the meanings and the representations of colors in Genderfluid Pride Flag.

Genderfluid Pride Flag

Pink stripe represents feminity.

White stripe represents genderlessness or lack of gender.

Purple stripe represents a combination of femininity and masculinity.

Black represents all the other genders which identity distinctively from strict feminity or masculinity.

Blue stripe represents masculinity.

The genderfluid pride flag is another flag with dark origin. It has got its own importance like all other flags at the Pride events. People who are genderfluid may fit under the transgender hood, and they usually do not identify with a fixed gender. According to Dr. Liz Powell, a sex psychologist and educator, the genderfluid people move back and forth between gender identifications and presentations or take part in queering of presentations by a combination of masculine and feminine presentations. Genderfluid people may swap the pronouns and use nonbinary pronouns like neo or xe or xir.

For genderfluid folks, gender is not just about being female or male. They feel different genders at different times. Their gender can change every day or maybe for every few hours. Gender fluidity is nothing but the shifting of gender expression from masculine to feminine. We can observe this in the way we dress or express or describe ourselves. According to Dot Brauer, the director of LGBTQA center at the Vermont University, the gender of everyone exists on a spectrum. At the University of Vermont, the progressive gender expression is a norm. They have gender-neutral bathrooms and allows their students to use their favorite or preferrable names.

GenderFluid Pride Flag is popular and it is successful in building awareness of the Genderfluid group. Before this flag, genderfluid people are invisible and they are usually considered as genderqueer people. But from the year 2005, Genderfluid flag was seen in numerous pride events around the world and not genderfluid people are recognized as a distinctive group.

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