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Importance of Pansexual Pride Flag

October 18, 2018


The Pansexual pride flag is designed to represent the pansexual community. Though it looks a bit similar to the LGBT flag, it has got its own meaning and significance. It was first found on the websites related to the pansexual community in the mid-2010s. One of the main reasons for the creation of a pansexual pride flag is to distinguish the pansexual community from the bisexuality. It has increased the recognition and visibility for pansexual people all across the world. The design of the flag reflects that the pansexuals have romantic relationships and attractions with people of different sexualities and genders. Pansexuality has always been throwing challenges to the preconceived notions and prejudices. It breaks away the ostracism, judgments and hideous disorders existing in the society.

Pansexual or omnisexual people have romantic or emotional or sexual attraction towards the people irrespective of their gender identity or sex. Most of the times pansexual people are referred to as the gender-blinded and they ofter asset that sex and gender are not the significant defining factors in their sexual attraction or romantic feelings towards others. Some people consider pansexuality as a branch of bisexuality. But, is a sexual orientation in its unique right and definitely indicates a different sexual identity. Pansexual people are generally open to relations with persons who are not identified strictly as women or men. So, pansexuality rejects the traditional gender binary notions. Pansexuality is also considered as the most inclusive word than the bisexuality. However, we see many debates within the LGBT society when they compare the terms bisexuality and pansexuality and try to analyse which of these two is a more inclusive thing.

Pansexuality flag has got many similarities with the bisexual flag and this led to many confusions. People often confuse between these two flags and some may even misunderstand the pansexuality flag as the other version of bisexuality pride flag. Firstly, these two flags have 3 horizontal stripes with three different colours. Coming to the pansexuality flag, the three stripes are coloured with pink, yellow and blue.

Pansexual Pride Flag

The blue stripe on the flag stands for the people who identify themselves within the male spectrum irrespective of their biological sex.

The pink stripe on the pansexuality flag represents people who identify with the female gender spectrum regardless of their biological sex.

The yellow horizontal bar which is between the blue and pink bars stands for androgynous or non-binary attraction, bigender, agender and genderfluid persons.

Pansexual pride flag appeared on the internet in 2010 for the first time and its designer is not known. Its popularity has slowly increased within the LGBTQ+ community and majority of the pansexual people are convinced with the design and the symbolism. The best thing pansexual flag had done for the pansexual people is that it has made the world to distinguish them from the bisexual people. We see numerous pansexual pride flags flying in all kinds of pride protests, especially during the pride season. It is seen amidst all sorts of flags and it has provided the necessary visibility and identity for pansexual people among the LGBTQ+ community and the rest of the society.

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